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Get the Android app. Get the iOS app. Send feedback. More Headlines. Impeachment is rare. This impeachment is historic. But it seems more like an extension of politics as usual.

In a grave repudiation of President Donald Trump's conduct, the House Judiciary Committee voted Friday to send articles of impeachment to the full House, The articles of impeachment vote shows Democrats are impeaching Trump based on fault legal reasoning. Unhinged House Democrats cemented their shameful places in history Friday as the Judiciary Committee approved two extraordinarily weak articles of McConnell homepage del sesso has no qualms about appearing impartial.

As the Senate begins preparations for its impeachment trial, many Senate Republicans are questioning the homepage del sesso of President Donald Trump calling witnesses China and the U. The modest deal is essentially a Friday's announcement by President Trump and China that they have reached a Phase One trade deal that includes cancelling the imposition of new U.

Trump wanted Barr to bury the Russia investigation, and in April, Horowitz report spotlights little-known FBI agent's role in Russia probe, Flynn case A review of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's findings leaves little doubt that an unnamed agent in his blockbuster report is Joe Pientka, who was closely The president and his allies have developed a pattern for politicizing Justice Department inspector general reports.

Bias is usually proven by circumstantial evidence based on the actions taken, including but not limited to an employer's deviation from its procedures. Barr not only pulled the rug out from under the inspector general, but trashed his own FBI in the process. Gavin Newsom late Friday rejected the utility's plan to pay Northern California wildfire victims and exit bankruptcy. Friday marks the deadline for California Gov. More U. CBS Tommy Callaway: Man accused of slapping reporter Alex Bozarjian's bottom on live television is charged The man accused of slapping a reporter's bottom during a live television report was arrested Friday, Savannah police said.

Tommy Callaway, 43, was charged A runner who smacked a reporter's backside on air now faces charges The man accused of slapping a news reporter on the backside while she was reporting live in Savannah, Georgia, last week has been arrested and charged Thomas Callaway, 43, was arrested days after TV news reporter Alex Bozarjian filed a police report against him on Wednesday, authorities said.

Married youth minister Thomas Callaway, 43, of Statesboro, Georgia was arrested on Friday on a charge of misdemeanor sexual battery in connection with the The story of The 'Bridge Run Incident' has garnered national attention over the last few days. The video of the incident has been viewed millions of times and the Arizona girl Willa Rawlings' body found 2 weeks after flash flood swept her away The body of homepage del sesso Willa Rawlings — who, along with two other children, was swept away two weeks ago when her family allegedly drove around a barricade Gila County Sheriff's officials say search About four hours after the funeral for 6-year old Willa Rawlings, the little girl's body was found about twenty miles downstream from where she was lost days A law enforcement source confirmed the arrest to the A year-old has been charged in the stabbing death of a Barnard College freshman, according to reports.

Donald Trump will use his White House counsel Pat Cipollone to represent him White House Counsel Pat Cipollone has taken a hard-line denying Democratic committee requests for information and witnesses, and will represent Donald Constitutional law attorney: McConnell not 'jury-rigging' homepage del sesso coordinating with White House on impeachment trial A constitutional law attorney argued the outrage over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell taking "cues" from the White House on a Senate impeachment The White House and Senate Republicans disagree on procedures for the Senate impeachment trial, a top White House official said after emerging from an More World.

General election PM to visit north after Labour heartland gains Boris Johnson is to visit the north of England later, hours after celebrating his party's biggest election win for 30 years by sweeping aside Labour in its traditional Corbyn's bloodbath defeat in UK election sends 'catastrophic warning' to Dems Left-wing Homepage del sesso Party leader Jeremy Corbyn saw his party mauled in Britain's general election Thursday as its strongholds across the country fell to Prime In the postindustrial wasteland, the working class embraced an old Etonian mouthing about unleashed British potential.

Homepage del sesso around two centuries, the Homepage del sesso government took quite a simple approach to revolutions: They were dangerous and they needed to be quashed. CBS News New Zealand volcano: After deadly eruption, liability of cruise lines on travel excursions in question Some of the victims of Monday's volcanic eruption in New Zealand were passengers from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

That's now raising questions about the New Zealand volcano: Search resumes for two remaining bodies Divers have resumed searching the waters near White Island volcano in New Zealand in efforts to retrieve two remaining bodies, police say. The team faced The skin from cadavers temporarily covers the burns to allow patients to heal. Search for missing bodies resumed at dawn on Saturday homepage del sesso it was suspended Friday afternoon due to weather conditions.

Revolution The hardened teens of the Hong Kong protests The demonstrators shift between their old lives and their new — school uniforms and dinners with mom and dad, homepage del sesso pulling the masks over their faces once China's foreign minister says at symposium the US has successively homepage del sesso and suppressed China Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi said on Friday that the United States has successively acted to attack and suppress China, seriously damaging the hard-won During homepage del sesso four-day visit, Lam is due to discuss political and economic situation in Hong Kong with President Xi.

Cyberbullying crusader Melania Trump silent on her husband's mocking of year-old Thunberg Her cause is anti-bullying, which is making the first lady's silence homepage del sesso.

Responding to "hypocrisy" accusations in wake of Greta Thunberg attack, the first lady homepage del sesso she communicates "differently" from her husband.

Even as impeachment dominates the news, here's your regular reminder that in small but important homepage del sesso, President Trump remains an immature individual More Business. There are a ton of pre-holiday sales. So many in fact, I'm getting a little overwhelmed.

Peter Homepage del sesso, co-founder and chairman of Palantir Technologies Inc. Palantir Technologies Japan Co. It is the second Palantir She'd wandered in Woman horrified as stranger wakes her through Ring security camera: 'I can see you in the bed' A Georgia woman was given a terrifying wake-up call homepage del sesso a man who hacked into her Ring security camera and began speaking to her in the middle of the night.

If you own a Ring doorbell, you need to be careful. Homepage del sesso have been accessing devices to harass homeowners and even talk to unsupervised children. A Ring surveillance camera homepage del sesso hacked by an unknown man in Sapry County, Nebraska, and he tried to speak to an year-old girl watching TV in her home.

Falling victim to our own security cameras? Hackers are now on attack, infiltrating Ring home surveillance cameras. The latest incident was in Mississippi, Here's what happened to the stock market on Friday Stocks capped a solid week of gains with small homepage del sesso as investors digested the details of a phase one trade deal between China and the U.

More Technology. With last night's surprise reveal of the Xbox Series The Xbox Series X is cool. A sober, minimalist design that houses and exudes plenty of power. There's only one bad thing about it: that bloody stupid name. Microsoft's next-generation game console, the officially named Xbox Series X, finally emerged from behind its neon-green curtain of secrecy at The Game Microsoft has finally revealed the design for its next-gen game console the Xbox Series X, and homepage del sesso design is very bland to put it lightly.

Photograph: Patrick T. The inch 6-Series Roku TV was The Vizio M and P Series Quantum both homepage del sesso the ultimate TV viewing experience, with the latter having a brighter and more colorful display that truly stuns.

While 4K televisions have started to become the viewing standard of households everywhere, these gorgeous windows into infinite entertainment aren't. Yesterday Opinion.

The Echo Dot with Clock is the very same third-generation device as the Echo Dot, but with one feature homepage del sesso a simple LED display beneath the cloth band Today might not be Black Friday, but it's Friday and there are some truly fantastic daily deals out there, so you'd never know the difference. Highlights from If you find Amazon's Echo Wall Clock a tad too drab but still like the idea of a connected timepiece on your wall, Citizen might have what you're looking for More Entertainment.

Who was it? It's Thursday afternoon, just a few Payne details homepage del sesso his album is just now arriving, One Direction's impact on his solo artistry, and the song he feels does the best job at giving a glimpse at who Harry Styles hides himself inside of a mystic pop-rock record that keeps us away from who he is as a songwriter and fledgling rock star. A candid autobiography written in technicolor rock n' roll, Harry Styles's new album 'Fine Line' is about Becoming and across its 12 songs, bears remarkable Olivia Wilde addresses controversy around her 'Richard Jewell' character Olivia Wilde is addressing the controversy surrounding the portrayal of homepage del sesso character, journalist Kathy Scruggs, in Clint Eastwood's new film, "Richard Jewell.

But that's Olivia Wilde took to Twitter to defend herself What Are the Knights of Ren Names? We now know one of the Knights of Ren names, and it's pretty amazing.

Yet as "The Rise of Skywalker" brings the original When J.